Beauty Festival in Sweden
”To be the Best for the Best” 5-6 December 2021
This is an ONLINE Nail Beauty Festival in Sweden. Show your talents, compete and win!
In peace and quiet, you decorate your tips, items or things for different appointments. All exhibitions must be 100% complete before the competition begins.
School – for students who have just attended nail therapist training and for high schools that attend stylist training or similar. You can be in training or already a nail therapist who works for a maximum of 6 months.
Junior – for those who have not completed or or competed but at most placed as number four. You work as a nail therapist for a maximum of 3 years.
Master– for those who have ever won a competition before, have worked as a nail therapist for at least 3 years and a maximum of 10 and not a nail instructor.
Master instructor – for those who have a nail school and train other therapists. Competition for those who have more than 10 years and want to show their talent and get more new students!
The competition fee must be paid before the competition starts.
The competition is open to nail therapists, students at nail schools and high school students.
Judges may not compete in this competition.
Tips in tipping boxes should be placed on a white or black background. Wallpaper is not decorated.
Display must be open, without any varnish
Showcase – using tips of the same size is not allowed.
It is forbidden to combine the tips into a single whole.
Competition work can participate earlier in other competitions.
It is forbidden to use any form of stamp, slider and water decals.
Oil may be used, including hand lotion and cream, but there must be no residue or fine skin left.
Mix Media 0.5 mm – 10 long tips
Mix Media 3D 5 cm – 10 long tips
Sculpture Acrylic & Gel – handmade sculptor
Poster French – Salon nails. There should be a harmony between the length, shape and color choice of the nail with the hand.
Poster Fantasy – Hair, clothes, make-up and nails will be created here.
Romantic poster
Poster our children
Poster pedicure
Extreme nails “One”
Inkrustacia predmet- swarovski on the predmet
Incrustation tipper- swarovski 3 to 10 tips
Airbrush phone case – phone cases
Airbrush A4 – a painting A4
Airbrush premium – 10 long nails
Airbrush salon nails – 5 short tips
Tip box – gel painting – 10 long tips
Tip box – acrylic painting – 10 long tips
Extreme nails – 3-5 nails
One Stroke – 10 long
One Stroke pedicure – 10 cards
Floristic one nail – 1 long tip
Floristic predmet – Decorate the predmet
Winner of Winners – the more competitions you choose, the greater the chance that you will win the biggest trophy that goes to the competitor who got the best result and the highest score in all competitions combined.
Team Winners – It is the best team with at least 10 participants. Teams can be from another country and receive a trophy Team Winners.
The competition fee is SEK 520 per competition excluding VAT